Thrills Casino invites you to start 2016 €2500 richer

Several online casinos chose to mark the occasion of a new year, with promotional offers that revolve thrills_logo_partnersaround the faithful number of 2016.

Thrills Casino is even kinder and if you are not a stickler for numbers that have special meaning, the €2500 bonus is going to appeal to you.

The most generous of them have guaranteed prize pools that award just as much money to those who finish at the top of the higher key.

This is the prize pool of a new promotion that started the beginning of 2016, but it represents just one facet of the campaign. There are also fancy items to be collected, including branded merchandise and some of the latest gadgets produced by Apple and Samsung.

At least in theory, it is possible for players to win both cash prizes and objects, although you need to be extremely lucky to score double hit.

The prizes were particularly high throughout thousand 15, so Thrills Casino had to keep the bar at the same high level this year. Much to their credit, they managed to win exactly that and this January, players can win Hermes backs, Apple watches, iPads and Playstation 4s. Furthermore, there are travel vouchers up for grabs and the smallest amount stealing exceed €1000, so regardless of what prize you collect, it’s most unlikely to be disappointed.


Now that the New Year’s celebrations are over, many casino players are hoping to recuperate at least a part of the money spent. It’s not going to be easy, but the €2500 promotion is giving them a fighting chance and the participation requirements are more than reasonable. The cash is not going to be awarded to a single player, but instead the most successful 10 participants will receive a share of this prize pool.

Thrills Casino usually requires players to meet wagering requirements in the wake of winning a sizable paycheck, but is not the case. All you need to do is to be successful and collect the aforementioned amount, which is credited in the form of cash prizes.

Those who have previous experience in collecting bonuses, know that these incentives are at the discretion of winners, who can easily make a withdrawal, spend the cash or keep it in their online account.

The previous campaign requires players to go over the events in the Christmas calendar and follow the one by one. The new promotion is not much different and members are still expected to pay attention to the string of special offers and spanned throughout January.

A minimum deposit of €10 is now required, which represent half of the amount participants had to commit in the previous campaigns.

Once the deposit is perform, the free spins will come your way and the start and a minimum of 10 for selected video slots. As players complete missions, more free spins are awarded and eventually their progress will be quantified in a leaderboard.

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